Arts-Based Educational Research Special Interest Group

Outstanding Dissertation Award 

The Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) Special Interest Group for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) would like to announce its sponsorship of the ABER Outstanding Dissertation Award for the best Doctoral Dissertation that explores, is an exemplar of, and pushes the boundaries of arts-based educational research. The award is intended for students who have defended and/or graduated in the year preceding the award. A maximum of one award per year is available.

The winner will receive an "Outstanding Dissertation" award at the ABER business meeting at the Annual Meeting each year. The winner will also be invited to present highlights from her or his dissertation at this meeting. In addition, the winner will be invited to submit a paper highlighting his/her work to the International Journal of Education and the Arts www.ijea.org  

The ABER SIG will support the winner's conference fee and provide $500.00 to assist with travel to AERA to present at the conference.

Application deadline: Friday, October 19. First-time applicants, who not have previously applied in past years, must have successfully defended and/or graduated in the two years preceding the award. A maximum of one award per year is available.

Submission requirements:

1.      A cover letter with:    

a.       Applicant’s name and contact information.       

b.      Information about the school, program, and committee and supervisor's names (and examiners where applicable) under which the dissertation was completed.    

c.       Dissertation title       

d.      Defense date and Graduation date 

2.      A copy of the signed committee acceptance of the dissertation and/ or a letter from the supervisor stating the completion of the degree and date of defense.

3.      A short essay of no more than 3000 words, excluding references and abstract, outlining the title, intents, theoretical framework, methodology and findings of the study, and its contribution to arts-based educational research. A 100 – 150 word abstract should be included in the same file. The essay should be ready for blind review with no mention of the author’s name or institutional affiliation.

4.      A current copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae.


For the first round of the award review process, all materials will be sent via email attachments. Please follow the criteria below.

  • The essay should be typed, double-spaced (including quotations, footnotes, and references) in APA style, with ample margins, and should comply with the specified length limitation.
  • The author's name and affiliation should not appear in the summary essay, to ensure anonymity in the reviewing process
  • An abstract of 100-150 words should be included in the same file as the 3000 word (maximum length) essay, on a separate page.
  • In the email subject window please write [YOUR LAST NAME] ABER Award (YEAR).
  • All attached files should follow this format with the addition of a number assigned according to the list above: LAST NAME ABER Award YEAR[1], LAST NAME ABER Award YEAR[2], etc. for numbers 1 through 4 as outlined above.

If your submission is successful in advancing to the finalist round, you will also be asked to upload your entire dissertation in PDF format to a secure website. Additional information will be provided upon receipt of items 1 - 4.

Send all materials electronically via email attachments to the SIG Chair:

EMAIL: lexi.lasczik@scu.edu.au

ABER WEBSITE: http://www.abersig.com

The Tom Barone Award 

for Distinguished Contributions to Arts-Based Educational Research 


The Arts-Based Educational Research (ABER) Special Interest Group for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) is pleased to announce the call for our second triennial Tom Barone Award for Distinguished Contributions to Arts Based Educational Research recognizing artist scholars for distinguished research, professional practice, and service that advances the public understanding of arts based educational research. The award is presented to an individual whose professional career has significantly advanced the field of arts based educational research through extraordinary and significant leadership, research, teaching, professional practice, and/or service. The award established in 2012, is named in honor of Tom Barone, the first Chair of the ABER SIG whose dedication to the development of the field and community of arts based educational researchers is exemplary. Tom Barone was also the first recipient of this award in 2012.

Application deadline: Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Eligibility Criteria:

• Outstanding accomplishments in the area of arts-based educational research.

• Existence of a body of work over 10 years or more or evidence that the research has significantly influenced the field.

• Service to the ABER research community (reviewer, editorial boards, conference organizing)

• Evidence of contributions to the growth of new ABER researchers (teaching, mentoring, co-authorship) and contributions to the growth of new ABER researchers (teaching, mentoring, co-authorship).

Submission Requirements:

Supporting documentation for this award should include one letter of nomination stating why the nominee is an appropriate candidate, at least one letter of support for the nomination detailing the contributions of the nominee, and a current curriculum vita for the individual nominee. Nominees must consent to the nomination and the recipient is expected to make an invited address at the ABER SIG Business Meeting at the 2018 AERA Annual Meeting in New York City at which time the award will be presented. Nomination materials should all be forwarded via email attachments to Alexandra Lasczik lexi.lasczik@scu.edu.au by November 1, 2017.

An American Educational Research Association List If you need assistance with this list, please send an email to listadmin@aera.net.


PAST RECIPIENTS OF THE ABER Outstanding Dissertation Award (PhD/Present Affiliation):
             2015 Enza Giannone Hosig (Arizona State University)

              But Now You Can See Me: Devising Theatre with Youth Artist-Researchers in Search of Revelations and Docutheatricality.

             2012 Dr. Karinna Riddett-Moore (University of Georgia)
             Developing an Arts of Living

             2011 Dr. Moshoula Capous Desyllas (Portland State University/California State University)
             Visions & Voices: An Arts-Based Qualitative Study to Understand the Needs and Aspirations of Diverse Women Working in the                Sex Industry
             2010 Dr. Yolanda Nieves (National-Louis University)
             The Brown Girls’ Chronicles: Puerto Rican Women and Resilience
             2009 Dr. Barbara Bickel (University of British Columbia/Southern Illinois University)
             Living the Divine Spiritually and Politically: Art, Ritual and Performative/Pedagogy in Women’s Multi-faith Leadership
             2008 Dr. Kathleen Vaughan (York University/Concordia University)
             Finding Home: Knowledge, Collage, and the Local Environments

2007 Dr. Pauline Sameshima (University of British Columbia/Washington State University)
Seeing Red: A Pedagogy of Parallax (An Epistolary Bildungsroman on Artful Scholastic Inquiry)

2006 Dr. Christina Marin (Arizona State University/New York University)
Breaking Down Barriers, Building Dreams: Using Theatre For Social Change to Explore the Concept of Identity with Latina Adolescents

2005 Dr. Douglas Gosse (The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto/Nipissing University)
Breaking silences, an inquiry into identity and the creative research process. 


             2005 Barbara Bickel (The University of British Columbia)
             From artist to a/r/tographer: An authoethnographic ritual inquiry into writing on the body


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