Arts Based Educational Research Special Interest Group
Outstanding Dissertation Award 2013

The Arts Based Educational Research (ABER) Special Interest Group for the American Educational Research Association (AERA) would like to announce its sponsorship of the ABER Outstanding Dissertation Award for the best Doctoral Dissertation that explores, is an exemplar of, and pushes the boundaries of arts-based educational research. The award is intended for students who have defended and/or graduated in the year preceding the award. A maximum of one award per year is available.

The winner will receive an "Outstanding Dissertation" award at the ABER business meeting at the 2013 AERA annual meeting in San Francisco, California April 27 - May 1, 2013. The winner will also be invited to present highlights from her or his dissertation at this meeting. In addition, the winner will be invited to submit a paper highlighting his/her work to the International Journal of Education and the Arts
The ABER SIG will support the winner's conference fee and provide $500.00 to assist with travel to AERA to present at the conference.
Application deadline: Thursday, November 1, 2012. First-time applicants, who not have previously applied in past years, must have successfully defended between October 1, 2010 and October 1, 2012.
Submission requirements:
1. A cover letter with:
        - Applicant’s name and contact information.
        - Information about the school, program, and committee and supervisor's names (and
          examiners where applicable) under which the dissertation was completed.
        - Dissertation title
        - Defense date and Graduation date
2. A copy of the signed committee acceptance of the dissertation and/ or a letter from the supervisor stating the completion of the degree and date of defense.
3. A short essay of no more than 3000 words, excluding references and abstract, outlining the title, intents, theoretical framework, methodology and findings of the study, and its contribution to arts-based educational research. A 100 – 150 word abstract should be included in the same file. The essay should be ready for blind review with no mention of the author’s name or institutional affiliation.
4. A current copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae.
How to submit:
For the first round of the award review process, all materials will be sent via email attachments. Please follow the criteria below.
The essay should be typed, double-spaced (including quotations, footnotes, and references) in APA style, with ample margins, and should comply with the specified length limitations.
The author's name and affiliation should not appear in the summary essay, to ensure anonymity in the reviewing process.
An abstract of 100-150 words should be included in the same file as the 3000 word (maximum length) essay, on a separate page.
In the email subject window please write [YOUR LAST NAME] ABER Award 2013.
All attached files should follow this format with the addition of a number assigned according to the list above: LAST NAME ABER Award 2013[1], LAST NAME ABER Award 2013[2], etc. for numbers 1 through 4 as outlined above.
If your submission is successful in advancing to the finalist round, you will also be asked to upload your entire dissertation in PDF format to a secure website. Additional information will be provided upon receipt of items 1 - 4.
Send all materials electronically via email attachments to co-coordinators:
Dr. Diane Conrad
The University of Alberta


Jaime Beck
The University of Alberta

EMAIL: aber.award@gmail.com
ABER WEBSITE: http://www.abersig.com

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