Membership into the SIG

Eligibility. Membership in the SIG shall be open to any AERA member who supports the purposes of the SIG and who pays the specified SIG dues and all additional fees required of SIG members by the Association.

Joining the SIG. AERA members shall join the SIG by paying SIG dues and Association fees through the AERA Central Office using the appropriate AERA print or electronic form. 

Members in Good Standing. SIG members are considered ‘in good standing’ immediately upon the recording of their dues paid in full by the AERA Central Office.

Length of Membership in the SIG. The length of membership in the SIG shall be from the date membership dues are received in Central Office to the end of the AERA membership year as established by the Association. AERA members may join the SIG at any time, but SIG membership expires coterminously with AERA membership.

Voting Rights. All SIG members in good standing, fully paid in SIG dues, shall be entitled to vote for SIG officers and any other matter where a vote is taken or required.  

To join the ABER SIG go to:      http://www.aera.net/

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